blackbird_bramble_cosmetic bag

Blackbird & Bramble

The inspiration behind our new Blackbird & Bramble print – I particularly love this time of year when the seasons are in transition and the light is softer. There is so much to harvest in the slanting evening sunshine, the hedgerows laden with dark shiny treasure and the air still warm. We pick blackberries for puddings, balanced precariously on tip toe trying to get at the cluster of really big ripe ones just out of reach. The bowl gradually gets fuller but inevitably much of it is crammed into our mouths before it gets back to the kitchen. Hands stained, tummy full.

On the Road with T&P – Velling, Denmark

Not heard of Velling Kirkeby? Neither had I until a very dear friend moved there a few years ago and now it’s one of my favourite places to visit. This is of course, in part, because Libby lives there, but also because it’s a beautiful, quiet place. Velling Kirkeby is a small town in West Denmark on the peninsula of Jutland, nestled next to the Ringkobing Fjord.