Bromptons pennyfarthings tandems

Q&A: Anna Perring, ceramicist and founder of Luna Lighting

At this time of year, the glow of candlelight is a lovely thing. I have a set of delicate porcelain tea light holders lined up on our mantelpiece and I love the ritual of lighting them on a dark winter’s night. Each light is pierced with a tiny pinprick design, the patterns of light that scatter across the room have the quality of fairy lights and fireflies.  The random mixture of her designs also appeals. The tea light holders are individually hand made by ceramicist and fellow studio holder Anna Perring of Luna Lighting. Each one bears the maker’s mark,…

On the Road with T&P – Velling, Denmark

Not heard of Velling Kirkeby? Neither had I until a very dear friend moved there a few years ago and now it’s one of my favourite places to visit. This is of course, in part, because Libby lives there, but also because it’s a beautiful, quiet place. Velling Kirkeby is a small town in West Denmark on the peninsula of Jutland, nestled next to the Ringkobing Fjord.