On the Road with T&P – Velling, Denmark

Not heard of Velling Kirkeby? Neither had I until a very dear friend moved there a few years ago and now it’s one of my favourite places to visit. This is of course, in part, because Libby lives there, but also because it’s a beautiful, quiet place. Velling Kirkeby is a small town in West Denmark on the peninsula of Jutland, nestled next to the Ringkobing Fjord.

Ringkobing Fjord, Velling

Velling – Fjord Walking

Should you find yourself in Velling, make sure to take a walk along side the Ringkobing Fjord. The Fjord is constantly in flux, changing colour depending on the weather and time of day. It’s also the perfect way to view the vast, flat landscapes, iconic wind turbines and dramatically changeable skylines. Also, should you fancy donning a pair of waders and grabbing a net, there’s amber to be found in the shallow waters.

Wind Turbines in Velling

Brooding Clouds

Upturned boats

Water's edge

Dog Woods (Femhøjsande Plantag)

Denmark has Dog Forests, areas specifically designated for dogs to run free off the lead. Femhøjsande Plantage, known as Dog Woods by the locals, is a short drive from Velling and is a particularly striking place for a stroll in the late afternoon sun.

It has great tracks for cycling and an outdoor adventure play area for children. Regardless of whether you have dogs, the woods make for a great adventure, particularly with a picnic feast in tow.

Søndervig Beach

Søndervig Beach boundlessly stretches for miles along the coast of the North Sea – with soft sand and dunes, it’s a wonderful location to while away the day, regardless of the season. Whether sunbathing, or wrapped up in layers with a flask of tea, it’s a beautiful place to be.

Sondervig Beach with dogs

Though be warned, as with the Fjord, due to the flat terrain and water, it can be incredibly windy – you won’t make it home without sand in your hair and if you go with dogs, sand in your lunch. Despite being a popular location with German tourists (there are several designated holiday home areas beyond the dunes), I’m yet to witness the beach busy even during the Summer it’s spacious, though admittedly I haven’t visited during the Danish school holidays.

Sondervig Beach

Milo the dog enjoying the beach
Milo enjoying beach time

And of course the above trip wouldn’t be complete without two crazy outdoor-loving hounds, your best friend, copious pots of tea and a danish pastry for good measure.

Written by Louise Gibbs, Thornback & Peel Retail Manager




  1. It is some very nice photos and comments on our lovely area and nature, even it sometimes can be a bit windy.

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