Bank Holiday Weekends with SMUG’s Lizzie Evans

We love bank holidays at Thornback & Peel and we asked one of our favourite stockists, Lizzie Evans from SMUG, Islington to tell us about her perfect weekend.  This is a picture of Lizzie in her shop.  Can you spot the tiny bit of T&P?

Lizzie Evans at SMUG

Here’s a better pic of how we look in her shop.

Thornback & Peel in SMUG

Here is Lizzie: 

For me, Bank Holiday Weekends are all about treats! Most weekends in the year, I work at least one day in my shop SMUG. So you can imagine my excitement at a three day weekend! My husband Daniel also works in retail and having days off at the same time can be tricky, so we make sure to prioritise bank holidays and take the time to recharge, treat ourselves and get re-inspired by our home town and favourite city in the world, London.

I’m a bit of a fan of systematically eating and shopping my way around London, so I like to pick an area to focus on over a long weekend that we can get our teeth into. I usually look for a place where I know we can start with a good breakfast, mooch around some shops, do something a bit more cultural if I fancy it such as a gallery or museum, or if I’m feeling like spoiling myself, something a bit more relaxing like a treatment!

I have lots of favourite breakfast haunts, as you can imagine. If I’m not quite sure what I feel like eating, then somewhere with healthy options as well as French Toast on the menu is my go to. Both Ottolenghi and Maison d’etre in Islington offer this perfect balance. Lovely local vibes, delicious food and drinks and close enough to home that we’ve got time to fit in anything we like afterwards.

Bank Holiday Brunch - Maison D'etre

A regular stop off for us on any weekend, if we can squeeze it in, is Columbia Road Flower Market.








If it’s a long weekend then I’m sure to milk it by spending some time shopping on Redchurch Street and around Spitalfields Market too. My favourite clothing brands APC and YMC both have stores in the area so we’re sure to have look in. We might even stop off at Mast Brothers for some chocolate.


I’m also rather partial to a pedicure and there happens to be a Cowshed based in the bottom of Soho House. Like I said, bank holiday weekends are all about treats!




We do like a bit of a walk so will either factor in a big walk to a specific location, or we might just walk home along the canal. It’s important too for us to get some time at home to just potter. I find repotting my cacti, succulents and house plants super relaxing and satisfying so it’s always nice to spend some time at home doing a job like that. I also enjoy moving around our collections of random objects (I like to call this ‘curating’). I’m much less good at the dusting part of this activity but the actual restyling of each collection of objects on a sideboard for example is very therapeutic. I’d recommend it.


We might then have friends over for dinner, or pop out to one of our favourite local restaurants such at Primeur. Like I said, the more food the better!


Guest post written by Lizzie Evans.

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