Thornback-and-Peel-Christmas tree table setting home

How to Create a Magical Christmas Table Setting

There is something wonderful about bringing out the same decorations for your Christmas tree every year. The joy at remembering how each one came to be part of the box. We feel the same about the way we decorate our tables for the various Christmas feasts. We love to see the familiar table linen and placemats. It is sweet how the whole family enjoys this, the children delighting in the traditions as much as the older generations. Start with the end in mind – that moment everyone you love is gathered together around the table. Why not begin some new…

Rabbit & Cabbage kitchen textiles

All Creatures Great & Small

Rabbit & Cabbage was one of the first prints we designed.  We launched it on a deckchair in 2006.  It has remained one of our all-time best-sellers.  Over the years we have tweaked the design a little, but the deckchair remains true to the original. Inspired by tales of Peter Rabbit and the Flopsy Bunnies running amok in Mr McGregor’s garden, the design is filled with nostalgic references to our childhoods. The chocolatey brown and vivid green of the vegetable patch, the lazy buzzing of insects on a summer’s afternoon, and the secret delights of the English country garden.     Like all…


10 Years

Hip hip hooray, it’s our 10th birthday! 2016 marks 10 years of Thornback & Peel! It’s been a fantastic adventure that’s seen us launch many new collections and products, open our first shop and collaborate with a whole host of exciting brands. So, with a large bowl of Jelly & Cake in hand, join us in celebrating some of our highlights from the past 10 years. Moving into our first studio In the very early days, we simply rented table space at Cockpit Arts, Deptford which allowed us to test and sample loads of products while still retaining our day jobs. But by 2006 we were ready to take…

Q&A: Ruth Tomlinson, Fine Jeweller

Internationally renowned fine jeweller Ruth Tomlinson works just along the corridor from us at Cockpit Arts. We love looking at her beautiful collections. The rough cut pieces and settings are more organic than conventional jewellery, creating a sense of history and buried treasure. There is a lot to covet.

blackbird_bramble_cosmetic bag

Blackbird & Bramble

The inspiration behind our new Blackbird & Bramble print – I particularly love this time of year when the seasons are in transition and the light is softer. There is so much to harvest in the slanting evening sunshine, the hedgerows laden with dark shiny treasure and the air still warm. We pick blackberries for puddings, balanced precariously on tip toe trying to get at the cluster of really big ripe ones just out of reach. The bowl gradually gets fuller but inevitably much of it is crammed into our mouths before it gets back to the kitchen. Hands stained, tummy full.