In an English Country Garden

Last weekend the Pea Pod deckchair came with us to Hereford. We needed some pictures of this beautiful deckchair out and about and my friend’s garden couldn’t have been a lovelier, more perfect place. This is the apple orchard.

English Country Garden - Apple Tree

I am writing this from the very hot, sticky studio in central London thinking how peaceful that cool shade looks now.

Pea Pod Deckchair in the Orchard
Pea Pod Deckchair

It was a glorious weekend and the garden was full of delicious, tempting distractions. First of all there was the vegetable garden full of peas and beans.

English Country Garden - Peas

Peas and beans in the garden

There was quite a lot of between-shot scoffing. As I said it was idyllic. The courgette flowers even matched the buttercups.

Courgettes & Buttercups

Behind the scenes

The first shot was near the lavender patch – a perfect colour pairing.

Lavender Patch

Then the fig tree and the gooseberries, which were so tart they made us wince.

Gooseberry bush and Fig Tree

We picked some for chutney.

Gooseberries in a sieve

As the afternoon wore on some of us picked red currants.

Redcurrant picking

Some of us had a snooze.


Then it was time for a hay fight and I knew it was time to stop.

Hay fight 2

What an afternoon, in an English country garden.

Written by Juliet Thornback

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