How to Create a Magical Christmas Table Setting

There is something wonderful about bringing out the same decorations for your Christmas tree every year. The joy at remembering how each one came to be part of the box. We feel the same about the way we decorate our tables for the various Christmas feasts. We love to see the familiar table linen and placemats. It is sweet how the whole family enjoys this, the children delighting in the traditions as much as the older generations.

Festive table decorated with Thornback & Peel Robin & Holly napkins and crackers

Start with the end in mind – that moment everyone you love is gathered together around the table.

Close up of a festive table decorated with Robin & Holly napkins and crackers

Why not begin some new traditions of your own with a new set of Christmas table linen or placemats?

Keep things simple with a crisp stonewashed linen table cloth and one pattern for both your napkins and crackers.

Lay long branches of greenery, such as ivy and pine, down the centre of the table. You don’t need to make formal garlands – a quick forage around your garden will do if you’ve run out of time to get to the florist.

Use candle light to create a gentle glow. Simple lengths of greenery dotted with candles and fir cones looks lovely. Mixing a combination of tall dinner candles and smaller candles in jars works well.

Mantelpiece decorated with a wreath and Thornback & Peel cards

Welcome guests in from the cold with a beautiful wreath on your front door – or as a centrepiece over your fireplace. Keep it simple with sprigs of evergreen, fairy lights and paper motifs cut from treasured Christmas cards.

Thornback-and-Peel-Christmas tree table setting
Festive table decorated with Thornback & Peel Christmas Tree napkins and crackers

Hang your favourite Christmas cards on swags of fairy lights.

Fairly light and Thornback & Peel Christmas card garland

Attach the cards with a simple wooden clothes peg, a miniature bulldog clip or flip them over on their side using the fold.

Stag & Mistletoe place setting

Place names look sweet written on a luggage tag tied with a piece of butchers twine and finished with a pine cone and a sprig of greenery.

Robin & Holly place setting with a hand printed Stag hanky box.


Christmas Tree place setting with a hand printed Pheasant hanky box.

Delight your guests with a little present on each plate, or a cracker, or both! We all love crackers. They really distinguish a Christmas table and set the festivities off with a bang.

Robin & Holly place setting with evergreen foliage

Experiment with using traditional evergreen leaves in different ways – scattering ivy leaves around your place settings or twisting sprigs around night lights.

Thornback & Peel Christmas tree crackers & a Champagne Coupe Stack

Why not add some Gatsby magic to your party with a Champagne tower? These glasses are beautifully designed by our friends at Coupe Stack. Pour some fizz into the top glass and the Champagne flows down like a waterfall. Let the party begin!

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