Summer Starter: Minty Pea Salad with Mozzarella

Thornback and Peel - Pea Salad

Pea season is here! And what better way to embrace it than with a delicious, fresh, crisp salad? This simple pea salad recipe can be served as a lovely light starter, or as an accompaniment to barbecued meat or fish. The salad itself is so delicate and is brought to life with the addition of a vibrant minty dressing.




150g Greek yogurt

45g Pea shoots

Handful of mint leaves

Half a teaspoon of olive oil

Juice of half a lemon



100g Pea shoots

100g Fresh peas (shelled weight)

2 Handfuls of mint leaves

250g Mozarella or Burrata

Zest & juice half a lemon

Teaspoon olive oil

Peas are one of the earliest vegetables that you can sow. And, for those impatient gardeners like myself, whilst you wait for the actual peas to mature you can enjoy that fresh English pea taste by harvesting and eating the pea tendrils and pea shoots.

You can cut a few pea shoots here and there without hindering the growth of the plant but, if you want a bumper harvest, it’s a good idea to grow a few additional pea plants specifically for the shoots and tendrils.

To make the dressing, simply blend all of the ingredients together until smooth. That’s it! If you want to, you then can play around with the quantities to get the ratio of mint to pea to your preferred taste.

Assemble your pea salad by placing the pea shoots, podded peas, mint and lemon zest in a large bowl. Season, and drizzle with olive oil and lemon juice. Toss the salad together and arrange on a platter, with the mozzarella / burrata alongside.

Refreshing, crisp, sweet and almost grassy. This is the perfect salad for a relaxed weekend entertaining.

Words, Styling and Images by Emma Whicheloe.

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