Passages Through Colour – the Do Ho Suh Exhibition

To visit the Do Ho Suh exhibition at the Victoria Miro gallery is to immerse yourself in colour. This week, both Julia and Louise visited and their Instagram accounts have been flooded with the ghostly images of Suh’s beguiling work.


Suh is a Korean artist who has lived a fairly peripatetic life, moving from place to place for education and work. While most of us are concerned with the destination, Suh focuses on the spaces and places in between, the passages that lead us from a to b.


In ‘Passage/s’, you walk through a corridor of fabric structures that are 3D representations of places Suh has lived: the entrance hall of a New York apartment; a corridor in Berlin; the 3rd floor of a block of flats in London.


The details are beautiful – a door handle, a light switch, the fretwork on an old panel;  Do Ho Suh makes you feel as if you were walking through the memories of these spaces.  The translation of substantial wall or door into fragile transparent material is poetic and lovely.


The structures are so real and so insubstantial – they appear as transient as the person passing through them.


As Suh himself says: “I see life as a passageway, with no fixed beginning or destination. We tend to focus on the destination all the time and forget about the in-between spaces.”

Do Ho Suh: Passage/s exhibition continues until 18 March at the Victoria Miro, 16 Wharf Road, London N1 7RW.

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