Design Inspiration: Pear

Introducing our newest print for autumn

Embrace the changing of the seasons with our latest print, a quintessentially English design that recreates the beauty of espaliered Pear trees.

pear repeat pattern print Thornback & Peel


Designing the print

This darkly shaded two-colour illustration is something of a departure from our usual colour palette. We experimented with mixing the inks to create deeper tones of mustard yellow and golden brown which lends the design a slightly Victorian, gothic feel.

Screen printing hand printing inks pear

Serving suggestion!

The print works well as an accent colour in the dining room and kitchen and would complement the current trend for rich teals, intense blues, anthracite greys and dark wood interiors. (For inspiration take a look at our Pear-inspired mood board on Pinterest).

pears on plate autumn styling pear screen printed oven gloves kitchenware

More than the humble apple, pears have always been regarded as a particular delicacy. The Romans attributed aphrodisiacal qualities to the fruit. Even English food writer and great apple enthusiast Edward Ashdown Bunyard (1878–1939) had to admit: “It is, in my view, the duty of an apple to be crisp and crunchable, but a pear should have such a texture as leads to silent consumption.”

table setting pear screen printed napkins and pears and cheese board

Appearing as it does in the English carol The Twelve Days of Christmas, the gilded pear has become a festive symbol. It makes a wonderful alternative for your Christmas decor. We very much designed this print to take you from autumn days into your seasonal festivities. We think it would look wonderful as a centrepiece to your Christmas feasts.

pears and apples flatlay harvest table settings

Shop the new Pear collection here.

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