The history of printing

“Screen printing is such a rewarding medium, particularly the moment when the screen is pulled up and you see how the ink lies on the fabric.” Delia Peel

Rabbit Screen Print
Screen & Squeegee, Penni printing one of our Rabbit Handkerchiefs

It won’t come as much of a surprise that our love of print extends beyond screen printing. While we don’t profess to have an encyclopaedic knowledge we do have a profound appreciation for the art-form in its many guises; from classic forms of reproduction to the subtlety in differences of individual print runs.

Our London studio is kept in perfect rhythm by Penni screen printing and it doesn’t take long for our conversations to quickly meander over our favourite 20th Century printers.

We asked Delia, Juliet and Penni for their current favourite:

Delia: “Eric Ravilious rolling english landscapes are poetic and beautiful.”

Eric Ravilious Chalk Paths
Eric Ravilious, ‘Chalk Paths’


Juliet: “In my dreams I have Marthe Armitage’s hand lino-printed wallpaper travelling up my staircase. Her whimsical botanical prints and muted colour palette are slightly other-worldy and so beautiful.”

Marthe Armitage, All Will Be Well hand lino-cut wallpaper
Marthe Armitage, ‘All Will Be Well’ hand lino-cut wallpaper


Penni: “My long term print love affair is with Swedish designer Olle Eksell. His many talents include illustration, copywriting, pictorial books, textile, and product designs, all imbibed with charm and humour. I most love his use of colour and playful approach.”

Olle Eksell Print
Olle Eksell Print

As bonafide printing & design aspiring geeks we also love the British Printing Society’s History of Printing.

Go forth and swat up.


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