Sardine Tin Diorama

Type the word ‘diorama’ into Google images, and prepare to be amazed! A few weeks ago, I did exactly that and then proceeded to scroll through the resulting images with a dropped-jaw. There are some absolutely incredible miniature ‘worlds’ out there, made by some very talented and imaginative people.

Inspired by all of the amazing dioramas I had seen online, I got out my paints and spent the afternoon immersed in paper-craft.

You could make your diorama in any type of container….a match-box, a car-sweet tin, or a small shoe box for example. But, in line with the launch of Thornback & Peel’s new Sardine print, I decided to keep it ‘fishy’ and bought these 3 brightly-coloured fish tins at Marks & Spencer.

I didn’t have any coloured-paper to hand, so decided to paint white sheets of paper with acrylics instead. I was actually really pleased that I had gone down this route as the results had lovely textures and depth, and reminded me of Eric Carle illustrations.

Once my painted sheets had dried, I started to cut them into shapes and layered them up to make the pictures using Pritt Sitck and self-adhesive foam pads.

I positioned the finished dioramas on a shelf in my kitchen. And now, these sweet little pictures make me smile whilst I do the washing-up.

Words, Styling and Images by Emma Whicheloe.

Get the look:

Sardine by Thornback & Peel

Lobster by Thornback & Peel

Scissors: HAY

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