Design Inspiration: Pigeon & Jelly

Our best-loved Pigeon illustration has been around almost as long as Thornback & Peel. One of our original designs, it has adorned everything from deckchairs and wallpaper to a limited edition screen print, perched on top of a bowler hat.

An early design featured our Pigeon perched on a bowler hat in homage to René Magritte.


Man In A Bowler Hat, 1964 by René Magritte.

Over the years, Mr Pigeon has become something of a signature for Thornback & Peel, and featured on our business logo and shop sign. With his proudly puffed-up chest and slightly haughty appearance he has become a firm favourite with customers over the years. In 2013, when we ran a competition to name him, we were flooded with entries. The winning name was Dickin, after the medal awarded to pigeons (and other animals) for their efforts during World War II. We feel the name rather suits him!

The original – and still the best! Screen printing Pigeon hankies in the studio

So how did Dickin the Pigeon come to take up residence with a Jelly? They are, after all, not natural bed fellows!

A kit of Pigeons and a smucker of Jellies – we love a good collective noun!

Well, we’ve always loved the element of surprise in design – so we decided it would be fun to combine our cheeky London Pigeon with our wibbly wobbly Jelly print. Illustrated in great detail, in the grand tradition of Victorian anatomical and botanical drawings, we brought together these quintessentially English icons in a new and humorous way. Call it our homage to Surrealist Art and a certain breed of British eccentricity!

It’s a classic combination!

So you see, we’ve all become rather fond of this cheeky chap. All of which prompted us to launch Pigeon & Jelly across our entire product range. You’ll find Dickin strutting his stuff across aprons…

Puffing his chest out on tote and cosmetic bags…

And picking his way through mounds of pink Jelly on your favourite tableware…


Thornback & Peel Pigeon and Jelly Napkins

We think the design is a wonderful combination of both the traditional and the playful – a classic in every sense of the word. Equally at home in a traditional or modern setting, Dickin the Pigeon and his love of Jelly is the perfect souvenir of everything we love about dear old Blighty.

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