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thornback and peel classic rabbit, brunch

In our previous blog post I used eggshells to make pretty hanging vases. I didn’t want the contents of the eggs to go to waste. So, armed with these brightly-yolked geese eggs, I decided to whip up a tasty brunch. Partnered with some toasted sourdough, homemade herb butter, and thinly sliced well-seasoned radishes, this brunch dish delivers a big punch of flavour.

thornback and peel classic rabbit and cabbage tote

INGREDIENTS . . . . . .

3 handfuls of tender herbs – I used parsley, tarragon & dill. You could also use basil / coriander / chives / chervil.

50g butter

½ teaspoon finely grated lemon zest

juice of ½ lemon

salt & pepper

4 radishes

4 slices of bread

4 eggs – I used goose eggs

thornback and peel oil cloth

thornback and peel oil cloth

Start by using a pestle & mortar (or hand blender if you prefer) to combine the finely chopped herbs, butter, lemon zest, and lemon juice. Season to taste. Keep working the mixture until it forms a lovely smooth green herby butter. You could also use this delicious butter when cooking meat – melt a dollop of it on a freshly cooked steak.

Thornback and peel raddish

thornback and peel

Finely slice your radishes, place them in a bowl, and squeeze over a little lemon juice. Season to taste.

thornback and peel

thornback and peel

Cut and toast your sourdough bread, and then spread on the delicious herb butter.

thornback and peel

thornback and peel, brunch

To serve, top the buttered toast with a fried egg. Scatter over the dressed radishes and finish with some extra herbs and freshly ground black pepper.

thornback and peel, brunch

thornback and peel

I can guarantee that there you’ll have empty plates all around the table.

thornback and peel

Words, Styling and Images by Emma Whicheloe.

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