Christmas Is Go!

It’s never too early to get started on your Christmas prep. This year, why not let us help you take the pressure off with our three step plan to getting ready like a pro with our Christmas essentials…

Thornback & Peel Christmas Is Go!

1. Write Those Cards

Thornback & Peel Christmas Is Go: Christmas Cards

Sending and receiving Christmas cards is one of the great joys of this time of year. We have Sir Henry Cole to thank for the tradition, which started in the UK in 1843. Sir Henry, best remembered today as the founder of the V&A, needed a quick way to send seasonal greetings to his wide circle of friends.

We love this tradition, our cards are left blank inside for your own personal greetings. Featuring classic Christmas designs, our selection of beautiful cards are sure to be placed centre stage on the mantelpiece.

Thornback & Peel Christmas Is Go! Christmas Cards

2. Get Stocked Up


Thornback & Peel Mixed Gift wrapWe believe wrapping paper should never be an afterthought. No matter how small or handmade the gift, the thought will really count if it’s beautifully wrapped. Finish with a grosgrain ribbon and nestle under the Christmas tree.  Stock up now on our characterful gift wrap in a range of festive prints, and elevate your presents to a whole new level.

Thornback & Peel Christmas is Go Wrapping Paper

3. Go Crackers Early

Thornback & Peel Christmas Is Go: Christmas Crackers

Cracker creator Tom Smith invented our favourite Christmas tradition in 1847. Smith owned a sweet shop in London, where he sold his bon-bons in a twist of paper. When bon-bon sales slumped, he came up with the idea of wrapping his sweets up with love messages. Later he added the ‘crackle’ element when he was inspired by the sparks and crackles of a log fire. Today, no festive feast is complete without the explosive fun of a good cracker. We love them! Our luxury handmade crackers are individually tied with candy-striped ribbon and each contain a thoughtful gift, a party hat and of course a terrible joke! The wisest men and women stash a box or two away now, ensuring they have the best dressed table on Christmas Day.Thornback_&_Peel_Turkey_and_Sprout_Crackers


Our Christmas Shop is now open. Browse our selection of Christmas essentials, seasonal kitchen and tableware and unique gifts and make sure you’re fully prepared for the festive season.

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